ElvenTree woodcrafted fairy dwellings

Our inspiration and sources;

Photo of river in Weardale

All the wood we use for our fairy houses is found washed up on riverbanks, the result of storms and floods. These rivers are in the beautiful Dales in the North East of England, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Many types of local hardwoods are used, such as Oak, Silver Birch, Mountain Ash, Beech, Hawthorn and Bird Cherry, but many are unidentifiable by the time the river has taken it's toll.


Photo of river in Weardale


We look for and collect all shapes and sizes of branches and trunks that are still in good condition and with inspiring shapes, with or without their bark.

The wood is dried before being cut to form the house; it's then carefully hollowed out with doors and windows, and a roof and stand are made to the appropriate style and size.


Image of branches and twigsWe also collect smaller branches and twigs, which are used for making roof structures and door frames.

There are no rules to the scale, size or design of any of our houses; they are born from the inspiration of the wood itself, and vary in height from about 200mm - 500mm.

The houses are waxed to leave a natural finish.


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Our Fairy House Roofs;

All the roofs are made from solid wood; the angled roofs have twig and branch beams. All have built-in lofts with illuminated leaded light glass windows, with wooden window frames and sills.

They all have various colours of fired clay roof tiles.

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Our Fairy House Windows;

The windows are cut to fit from 2mm thick glass. The glass is coloured with a special paint and oven fired to permanently set the colour. All windows are copper foiled then soldered to give the appearance of genuine stained glass windows.

Wooden frames are made to fit around each window complete with sills.

The windows are illuminated by an internal LED lamp, showing dramatic colours in low light conditions, bringing each house into life at night.


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Our Fairy House Doors;

All our fairy house doors are made from reclaimed oak.

They all have genuine American handblown stained glass windows, illuminated from inside the house.

The doors all bear our Elventree design which is unique to us.

The doors are fitted with brass knobs (some with a key!), and there stands a potted toadstool outside. Remember, if the house doesn't have our tree door and toadstool, then it isn't a genuine Elventree! Beware cheap imitations.
fairy door

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The Fairy House Bases;

Image of log slices

Our houses are mounted on solid hardwood bases, which are cut and sanded to match each one.

These are also sourced from riverbank driftwood and locally felled trees, so can vary in type and size; some with and some without bark.



Steps are cut from oak or beech and are inserted into the base forming a perfect faerie staircase leading up to the doorway.

The bases are given a covering of 'grass' or 'heather' in various colours, and also have a tree stump somewhere in the garden.


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The Power and Lights;

Image of base with 12 volt DC socket<empty>


We don't use inefficient regular light bulbs or costly and wasteful batteries.

Each house is lit internally and uses approximately only 1 watt of power. We make all the internal fittings ourselves, (Brian is also a qualified electronics engineer) as we consider your safety the most important factor.

The MR11 LED light bulb can be changed, like for like, by unscrewing the removable base plate.

A standard low voltage power socket is fitted into the rear of each base.




Image of mains adaptor


Each fairy house is supplied with a UK 240v AC / 12V DC mains adaptor, rated at 250mA.

The adaptors are CE approved and RoHS compliant.

Please note that all our fairy houses are intended for indoor use only due to the electricals we use.



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