ElvenTree woodcrafted fairy dwellings

About Us...

Fairy house 006Our unique fairy houses were born out of a love of nature, woodcraft and sculpture; welcome to ElvenTree!

Elventree dwellings are the creations of Alison Barry and Brian Main;

Alison worked in fine jewellery crafting and glass painting, which were sold in craft markets and local shops. Her main passion however is for sculpting delicate fantasy figures. These fairies, elves, mermaids and pixies are to be found in many homes and museums across the world and she has exhibited her work at the NEC in Birmingham.

Brian is an accomplished watercolour artist; he has displayed and sold his work in shops and galleries across Northumberland. His main love however is for woodcraft and furniture restoration, and has produced many a fine example of bespoke furniture and smaller artwork from his home in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Combining the very different talents of Brian and Alison has led to the creation of these unique woodland dwellings, and the formation of ElvenTree.